Installation and References

last update: Nov 21st (2022) Hajime Kawahara

At a minimum, you can start to use exojax by

pip install exojax

via pypi.

Alternatively, clone the code from github page and run

python install

Installation w/ GPU support

However, to leverage the power of JAX, numpyro, you need to prepare a GPU environment. For this purpose, jaxlib and numpyro must be linked.

You should check cuda version of your environment as

nvcc -V

Also, check required jaxlib versions by numpyro at NumPyro. Here is an example of installation for jaxlib in linux system. See JAX installation page for the details.

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade "jax[cuda]" -f
cd exojax
python install


🟢 ExoJAX Paper I: Kawahara, Kawashima, Masuda, Crossfield, Pannier, van den Bekerom (2021) accepted by ApJS: arXiv:2105.14782

Many techniques/databases are used in ExoJAX.