Installation and References

last update: June 11st (2023) Hajime Kawahara

Linux, Windows WSL, Mac

At the very least, you can start using exojax through pypi.

pip install exojax

Alternatively, clone the code from github page and run

python install

If the older version of ExoJAX has already been installed, you need to remove all of the old modules (Otherwise, modules that have been deleted and no more exist in the current version remain). To do so, the following procedure is recommended:

python clean --all
python install

However, to take advantage of the power of JAX, you need to prepare a GPU environment (if you have). For this, jaxlib need to be linked.

You should check the cuda version of your environment as

nvcc -V

Here is an example of installation for jaxlib in linux system. See JAX installation page for the details.

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade "jax[cuda11_pip]" -f

Windows Anaconda

not supported yet.


🟢 ExoJAX Paper I: Kawahara, Kawashima, Masuda, Crossfield, Pannier, van den Bekerom (2021) accepted by ApJS: arXiv:2105.14782

Many techniques/databases are used in ExoJAX.