Test codes for developers

ExoJAX has many test codes in ‘tests’ directory. We recommend to write the unit test code in ‘tests’ directory before pull-request and to perform the unit tests before your submission of the pull-request:

cd exojax
pytest tests

You might need some files.

  • VALD data

You can download them from here, but see the following warning.


Note that if you use Windows or Mac, .gz might be unziped when downloading despite no renaming. I mean, the same name with .gz, but unziped! In this case, download extradata.tar and untar it.

Unit test using pytest

Before starting the unit test, install pytest:

pip install pytest

To test all of the unit tests, perform

cd exojax
pytest tests

or you can test one by one

cd tests/auto
pytest autoxs_test.py

Tests for the reverse modeling (retrieval)

The unit test is not appropriate for the reverse modeling because it takes a lot of time. For the tests of the reverse modeling, use code in ‘tests/reverse’ directory.

  • reverse_lpf.py simple test for HMC-NUTS using LPF

  • reverse_methane.py simple test for HMC-NUTS using MODIT

cd tests/reverse
python reverse_lpf.py
python reverse_methane.py