Welcome to Hajime Kawahara’s website



Update: High-Dispersion Coronagraphy at Subaru, REACH project, now available for open-use S20B.

Hello, I am Hajime Kawahara. Welcome to my website. Here is a short summary of my research field. During my PhD, I worked on galaxy clusters in the cosmological context. When I was a postdoc, I analyzed X-ray data of clusters and filaments by Suzaku satellite. But, I was gradually attracted by exoplanets, especially, how to characterize Earth-like planets in future. Now, my interests are the methodology of characterization of exoplanets, developing instruments for them, Kepler data for cool/hot exoplanets, and sometimes, observing real exoplanets.

I also love Jazz improvisation and play soprano and tenor saxophones. These are examples of my improvisation. I am not good at recent communication tools (Facebook, Line, I do not have a smartphone), but I use e-mail: